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Concept Behind the 2021 Women's Day Campaign

Jeff Dojillo

Posted on March 08 2021

International Women’s Day Project

At the end of 2020, during a crazy pandemic in California, Infightstyle hired me to photograph Amy Duke. Amy, a New York based Muaythai Athlete. Amy was in town training at the World Famous Boxing Works Gym with Coach Bryan Popejoy, ONE Atom Weight Kickboxing Champion Janet Todd, and ONE contender Jackie Buntan. It was a pleasure to photograph athletes when I  collaborate on projects with Infightstyle. I have developed a strong working relationship with the brand through my successful years with West Coast Muay Thai. 

Infightstyle asked for a simple request, to create content for their most recent releases.  Infightstyle really gravitates and appreciate my photographic style especially the portraiture that I create. With this project I decided to work with color more when crafting portraits of these athletes. Infightstyle was impressed with the quality of work I generated and decided to use this for advertising. When I work with a client, I always try to go over and beyond because I like to deliver, and challenge myself to create something unique.

 There photographs came out amazing, and I really love the quality of work I created for this brand. I raised the idea of releasing these photographs for International Women’s Day and show support for the women in our sports. Infightstyle and I have always promoted high caliber athletes, but we have also showcased high caliber female athletes. Infightstyle has assisted in promoting female athletes as amateurs to professionals opening doors for them to reach a worldwide audience. I am proud to say that I have photographed some of the best female athletes in the world including Miriam Nakamoto, Tiffany Van Soest, Julie Kitchen, Jemyma Betrian, Janet Todd, Angela Whitley, Selina Flores, Natalie Morgan and a wide range of IFMA talent such as Patricia Axling, Jade Jorand, Nili Block, Sofia Olofssen, and many more. 

With the commonality of supporting female athletes, Infightstyle asked me to be the creative director for this advertising campaign. Infightstyle and I requested photographer Hip Panakom Santayanon to photograph ONE Atom Weight Muay Thai Champion Allycia Araujo, Mariana Scombatti, and Barbara Aguiar. The three Brazlilian natives are active fighters that are sponsored by Infightstyle and I felt that they would fit well into this project that celebrates women athletes. Infightstyle's graphic designer, Bob Khairy, put his magic touches to the art work and we  created a beautifully crafted campaign.      

I believe that well-established athletes are role models to young people that have a passion for the sport we all have grown to love. We asked each athlete what advice they would give the young female fighters that look up to them and we paired their powerful words with their portraits.  The pink and blue colors in the ads match a popular Infightstyle short. This also shows a balance of masculinity and femininity, something that these female fighters find themselves dealing with in a male dominated sport.

Working with Infightstyle's design team, we created something that not only showcases these talented athletes, but also shows Infightstyle’s dedication to the growth of women’s Muay Thai. For International Women’s Day, we understand that the future of the sport begins with us now.

Be active, be strong, and celebrate those making a change. 

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